The Importance of Local Search Engine Optimisation

local search engine optimisation


All local businesses, from accountants and florists to builders and plumbers are making more and more money, and are improving their businesses by making use of local search engine optimisation. If you have not yet employed local SEO, you are sure to lag behind your competitors. Let us now get to learn what exactly is local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a very effective way of local online marketing. It helps local businesses in promoting their services and products to local customers, exactly at the time when they are searching for your type of business. These customers are not any random customers, but “real customers”. They are searching for your kind of business, because they need your service at the very moment. So, if you do not make use of this method, you are just giving your competitors an opportunity to stay ahead of you, and steal your customers.

How Local SEO Can Help Attract New Customers?

More than 50 percent customers make use of online directories and search engines to find local businesses, and very few use old paper directories, so if you still are stuck there, progressing can be difficult.
The number of local searches, which uses location in it, had increased by 58 percent in 2008-09. More and more people are searching for local businesses and information through Google and other similar search engines.

Local online directories and search engines help promote your business at the exact moment when someone is in need of your business. This certainly is the best time to connect and improve your business.
Local directory marketing has a far better conversion rate compared to other traditional advertising methods, and you have the chance of converting 1 out of 2 leads into real customers.
Most customers use mobile apps’ and mobile phone search engines to find local businesses while walking around. As local SEO covers PC as well as mobile internet, you will never miss out on any of your potential customers.
If compared to other ways of advertising, like leaflets, newspaper, etc, local SEO results in very little wasted exposure. You will be reaching your potential customers only when they need you, and not when they do not. So, local search engine optimisation is cost-effective and efficient.

How to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy?

If you already are using local SEO, but it has not benefited you much, then perhaps you are not doing it the right way. Below are some tips from local seo company Glow Serp Consulting that will help improve your local rankings.

1. Claim Local Profiles In Major Local Directories and Search Engines

Claim all your business profiles in Yahoo Local, Google Places, Bing Local, SuperPages and so on. This will help search engines know that yours is an official business listing.

2. Optimize Local Profiles

To optimize your local profiles properly, you need to find out the most important keywords. These keywords should be those terms that your potential customer would type in the search engine when he needs your business. This can be the products or business you offer. Make sure you include important keywords in all tag lines and descriptions in your local profile.

3. Maintain Consistent and Accurate Information

It is important that all your local profiles are accurate and share the same details as does your website. If the information is consistent, it will be easier for search engines to index the details.

Tips for Marketing your Small Business

A small business owner can have a difficult time making the business known to potential customers in the beginning. Even if you can find a mean to attract more customers, you must also make these customers return in the future. In other words, you must develop a customer base of loyal customers. You have to start marketing your small business properly if you want to achieve this. Here are some useful tips for marketing your small business:

Marketing Tips

Build Your Online Presence

Any business today should have a presence online. You have to make your business known on search engines and on social media. If you can have a website, it would be even better. In the past, small businesses were only able to promote themselves in the local papers, on radio stations and on televisions. We are now all interconnected with the help of the Internet and small businesses have access to an audience that is larger than ever before.

Customers Should Be Your Top Priority

Because your customers play a major role in your business, you should always care for their needs. In order for you to know what these needs are, you have to find out everything about your customers. This means you have to know your target market. People who use the services or products that your business is providing must be constantly pleased of what they get. The business promotes itself in this way.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to build a list with the emails of your customers, who will choose themselves to provide their email addresses under certain conditions. For example, you can offer them some useful information for free in exchange for their email addresses.

Send a Newsletter

Once you have an email list, you can start sending newsletters on a weekly basis or on a daily basis, depending on your possibilities. Email marketing and newsletters go hand in hand. Your customers will be constantly informed about your latest offers.

Give your Customers Things for Free

If you give your customers free stuff from time to time, you will have more chances to make them your long-term loyal customers. People like to receive gifts. You could get many new customers in this way.

Create a Blog

Many small business owners today create blogs for writing about their successes. Content creation is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online and blogging is about creating interesting content.

Go to Events and Create Your Own Event

Go to events that focus on the things your business is focused. Look for sponsors for creating your own event. Use your blog to talk about the events you attend and create. Build strong communities and make your business known within these communities.

Ask Other Small Business Owners for Collaboration

Don’t ever be afraid of asking for help from other people who are doing a similar thing to yours. It is not easy to run a business and small business owners usually share the same fate. Many of these people need your help so there is no reason for you not to collaborate with them. You could end up promoting each other’s businesses.